Une nouvelle identité visuelle pour Happydemics !

A new visual identity for Happydemics!

For fall 2022, Happydemics has a new look! We are unveiling a brand-new logo and a more modern visual universe that supports our positioning and the development of our product: the first SaaS tool dedicated to measuring and improving the performance of marketing teams.

Happydemics’ evolution since 2015

Since our inception in 2015, we have positioned ourselves as a more efficient and accessible alternative for collecting consumer opinion and better understanding one’s market or evaluating the impact of one’s communications.

Our tool evolves every day, and our measurement capabilities with it, to become a real product designed to meet the daily challenges of marketing teams.

Today Happydemics meets a need that was not previously covered on the market: making data instantly operational to help teams measure the quality of their work and defend the ROI of their actions.

We have evolved a lot in the last seven years. The time has come for our graphic universe to embody this transition.

logo happydemics avant après

Our new logo

This new logo is the result of extensive reflection to best reflect our ambition.

As you can see, the final rendering is very simple. The original font of our logo remains unchanged. Only the pictogram accompanying the brand name has been changed.

Indeed, the megaphone was dedicated to our opinion gathering methodology.

Now we want to make it clear that it is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

Happydemics is a real tool dedicated to brand issues, at the service of our clients’ performance.

concept du logo happydemics

This logo is also more modern and dynamic to establish our image on the market.

It features the “h” of Happydemics, as well as elements specific to the characteristics of our tool.

The suggestion of a pie chart represents the collection and measurement of data. The curves and the cyclical side evoke our capacity to continuously monitor the performance of our clients, as well as their evolution over time.

This logo is accompanied by a new graphic universe that emphasizes bright colors for more impact.

la plateforme happydemics

Happydemics in 2022

These design changes are just a visual translation of the changes we have been making since the beginning of the year.

Our ambition is to consolidate our position as a leader in brand performance and advertising effectiveness.

This is why we are refocusing our activities and the development of our tool around these areas.

More than a tool for brands, we want to become the daily ally of marketing teams.

They face many challenges. In an increasingly tense economic context, they must optimize each of their actions to preserve their return on investment.

We enable them to collect concrete data in real time thanks to customized, operational performance indicators: popularity, perception, intent, loyalty, etc., which they can track and compare to their competitors.

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