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How does Locala enable its international clients to optimize their drive-to-store strategies?

Locala enables brands to optimize their media activation strategy in order to maximize the impact on traffic at physical points of sale. The alliance between this drive-to-store specialist and Happydemics makes it possible to create dedicated awareness surveys to maximize marketing investments.

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🏢 Adtech, drive-to-store

📍 France, United States, Belgium, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Singapore, Italy, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands

👥 50-200 employees

Locala has been assisting international retailers for more than 10 years with the implementation and analysis of drive-to-store advertising campaigns. The development of an omnichannel platform for large retail chains, restaurants and car dealerships enables 500 brands worldwide to evaluate the performance of their points of sale in real time compared to their local competitors.

The challenge

With the economic context having a strong impact on its clients’ budgets, Locala wants to provide them with increasingly concrete metrics to maximize the performance of their marketing investments.

In particular, retailers are looking for insights into the quality of their location and the awareness of their point of sale on a local scale.

Our clients want to be able to measure the return on investment of their digital activation campaigns. With a brand awareness measurement tool that combines the reliability of Locala’s data with Happydemics’ insights, our clients gain a critical advantage over the competition.
Benvenuto Alfieri
Italy Country Manager at Locala

The approach

Locala’s teams have chosen Happydemics to co-construct metrics dedicated to the needs of their retail clients.

A customized model for drive-to-store is set up to continuously monitor the evolution of the performance indicators for the various campaigns.

Happydemics then acts as a trusted third party for Locala’s clients.

Four KPIs measured in real exposure have been selected based on this specific issue and integrated into the dedicated template:

👉 Intention to visit the store
👉 Intention to visit after exposure
👉 Brand preference
👉 Proximity to the brand and its competitors

This last indicator was created specifically for the needs of Locala’s clients.

The methodology chosen is that of real exposure measurement to be able to survey people who are actually exposed to the various campaigns.

Locala can draw on a drive-to-store benchmark built for this project.

This allows its clients to refine their understanding of their results in relation to market data.

For example, they know if the impact of their campaign on intent to visit a store is higher or lower than the average for similar drive-to-store campaigns.

Locala also provides industry-specific benchmarks to further position its clients’ results.

👉 70+ measurements launched in France, Italy and Spain for 30+ brands

The impact

Locala’s brand managers have access to an automated reporting tool that includes both quantitative and qualitative results about their drive-to-store strategy.

Through real-world measurement, they understand the true impact of their drive-to-store campaigns on metrics such as brand preference or intent to visit.

Our ability to measure and compare the brand lift of drive-to-store activations provides a real competitive advantage to our retail clients. The combination of Happydemics survey insights with data from our omnichannel campaigns provides a whole new level of insight into the local awareness of Locala clients’ points of sale.
Pierre-Emmanuel Padiou
VP Partnership at Locala

Locala and its clients benefit from very concrete indicators to evaluate the quality of the targeting of campaigns and the extent to which they have generated intent to visit a store among their prospects.

As a result, Locala is able to provide them with all the keys they need to optimize their drive-to-store strategies and, therefore, their advertising investments.

Examples of Locala's clients results

👉 An FMCG company measured that 18% of people who recalled their campaign bought a product or went to the store to buy a product. 31% of non-buyer respondents said they planned to inquire about or purchase a product from the brand. Of those who have not purchased, 11% say the stores are too far away.

👉 A group in the mass market retail sector measured that following its campaign, 18% of exposed respondents preferred its brand over other brands versus 7% of the non-exposed population.

👉 A downtown retailer measured that 21% of those who recalled its campaign felt that the brand’s stores were at a convenient distance versus 11% of the unexposed.

Just like Locala, help your customers to optimize their marketing investments!