Comment garantir le ROI de vos opérations marketing avec Happydemics ?

How can you guarantee the ROI of your marketing operations with Happydemics?

Marketing is still too often considered an activity for which the return on investment is complex or even impossible to evaluate. However, it is possible to accurately measure the impact of your actions on your market and your brand. This not only allows you to measure the ROI, but, more importantly, to identify opportunities to maximize it.


Why is marketing ROI still a pain point in business?

The optimization of marketing budgets has become a crucial issue in a context of reducing costs and optimizing the productivity of marketing teams.

And if there’s one particularly stressful situation for those in charge of a budget, it’s this:

That moment when you have to justify your spending. You are faced with it every year, every quarter or even every month.

You are expected to provide concrete figures to prove that the operations undertaken have brought in more than they cost.

But here’s the thing. Very often, you only have quantitative results at your disposal: number of impressions, click through rate, conversion rate, etc.

There is no way to demonstrate the real impact of your actions on consumers and on your brand.
And although we are on the advertiser’s side of the story, agency professionals experience the same thing with their clients when it comes to accounting for their budgets.

So, what can you do to avoid these situations?

Find out how the Happydemics tool can help you with three basic steps to increase the ROI of your marketing operations!

3 steps to boost the ROI of your marketing actions

⚙️ Step #1 - Define your short- and medium-term goals

This is the basis of any strategy, whether it is a marketing strategy or not. But paradoxically, defining goals is one of the steps that receives the least attention.

They are often only mentioned verbally, and rarely formalized or presented in detail to operational teams. And that’s when they’re not reviewed every month.

However, starting with good goals from the beginning prevents you from wasting time (and therefore money), by working on actions that really serve your marketing needs.

Remember that they should be “SMART”, i.e., they should be:

👉Specific: to your company, your brand, your markets, your resources, etc. with enough detail to clearly identify the issues you will have to deal with to meet them.

👉Measurable: by selecting appropriate performance indicators to continuously evaluate the progress towards their achievement.

👉Achievable: to keep your teams motivated and draw the right conclusions from the results obtained.

👉Realistic: by being relevant to your business, the data at your disposal and the resources you allocate to achieve them.

👉 Timely: by being defined in time and taking into account the possible seasonality of your activities.

Some examples of brand goals:

👉 Gain 3 points of brand awareness over the next 3 months
👉 Improve positive consideration by 5 points among 18–34-year-olds
👉 Maintain stable purchase intent through the end of the year

When you use Happydemics, you must enter your goals so that our experts can help you identify the best performance indicators to monitor and so that the tool can provide you with recommendations to achieve them.

⚙️ Step #2 - Measure the evolution of your performance indicators

To calculate a return on investment, you need to link two elements: the budget spent and the concrete and precise results of your actions.

This is where your brand performance indicators come in.

The key to optimizing your ROI lies in choosing indicators that allow you to measure progress over time and confirm that your brand goals have been achieved.

Happydemics offers a wide range of indicators to create your own dashboard according to your specific needs:

👉Popularity: aided awareness, contact memory, consideration, etc.
👉Brand preference: perception, image, feelings, etc.
👉Intent: purchase intent, proximity, value for money, etc.
👉Customer loyalty: satisfaction, experience, intent to buy again, etc.

If you launch advertising campaigns for your brand or your clients, you can evaluate the ROI of your actions thanks to brand lift.

It allows you to measure your advertising effectiveness based on several performance indicators to be chosen according to the goals you wish to achieve:

👉Targeting quality: recall rate, market knowledge, etc.
👉Creative diagnosis: approval rate, attribution rate, clarity, etc.
👉Impact on the brand: preference, consideration, purchase intent, etc.

By monitoring concrete and operational indicators corresponding to your own marketing goals, you can monitor the performance of your actions over time.

It is thanks to the results of these measurements that you will be able to precisely justify the effectiveness of your actions, and, consequently, their ROI by comparing them with the budgets invested.

From this point on, you are fully able to calculate your ROI. That’s good, but what’s even better is knowing how to optimize it. And once again, Happydemics is here to make things easier for you.

⚙️ Step #3 - Discover new growth potential

By this time, you have identified your goals and selected the most consistent indicators to measure your performance.

The results of your measurements are a valuable source of data to optimize your actions and, therefore, your investments in real time.

This is why Happydemics goes further than the continuous monitoring of your performance indicators. Our tool identifies and proposes to you every day the best recommendations for actions to achieve your goals more effectively and optimize your ROI.

To do this, we combine all the intelligence generated by your recurring measurements with external sources of data on your market, competitors, and consumers.

Emerging trends, opportunities for growth, personalized analysis, recommendations for action, etc. You receive daily strategic content that helps you make the best decisions based on your goals, your results, and the context of your market.

This allows you to seize opportunities more quickly with actions calibrated to generate the greatest impact on your brand while safeguarding your budget.

Operational teams become more productive by collaborating directly on the tool. Useful information circulates more quickly, and decision-making is made easier. The time required to launch each operation is considerably reduced.

The power of the tool lies in the fact that the more you use it, the more you feed it with data that enables it to deliver ever more precise recommendations.

Happydemics is the leader in brand performance and has enabled more than 1,000 international companies to measure their performance in real time and make the best decisions to reach their goals faster while optimizing their investments.

What are you waiting for to multiply the ROI of your marketing operations? Learn all about Happydemics in 30 minutes!