Happydemics lance Insights pour améliorer le ROI des opérations marketing

Happydemics launches Insights to improve marketing ROI

Happydemics is the tool for your brand performance. It allows you to understand the true impact of all your marketing actions, by measuring in real time the evolution of your brand and advertising effectiveness KPIs. With our new Insights feature, go even further by receiving, every day, all the keys you need to increase the ROI of your marketing operations and the productivity of your teams.

How does it work?

Directly integrated into our platform, Insights uses the data from the recurring measurements you make with Happydemics to deliver personalized and strategic recommendations for action.

First, you need to fill in your short- and medium-term brand goals to allow the tool to adapt to your specific challenges and select the best daily insights to help you achieve them.

Example of goals:

👉 Affirm my position as a leader by gaining +3 points of attribution and retention in my industry in 6 months
👉 Optimize my targeting performance by gaining +2 points of interest in the 25-34 age group over the next 3 months
👉 Increase by +4 points the purchase consideration generated compared to Happydemics benchmarks over the next 3 campaigns

Once you have set your goals, you can start your regular measurements. The more results you get, the more you feed the tool, which becomes more intelligent.

You will be able to check the success of your marketing strategies in real time and optimize them at the right time to make your budgets cost-effective.

What types of strategic content will I receive daily?

💡 Emerging trends and growth opportunities

Our tool continuously analyzes what is happening in your market: changes in the behavior, motivations or expectations of your consumers, new entrants on the market, etc.

You identify all the weak signals in your market to be able to react or take advantage of them before your competitors.

You can also anticipate critical developments to adapt your strategies accordingly.

💡 Customized analyses

At the end of each of your measurements, you are notified of the results that have the greatest impact according to your goals.

You will no longer miss out on crucial information due to lack of time.

Our teams can also link your results with external information related to your market to give even more value to your analysis.

💡 Recommendations for action

By combining market trends, your growth opportunities and the analysis of your results, our tool suggests ultra-targeted concrete actions.

These recommendations are directly linked to your goal to help you make more effective decisions and optimize your investments.

You simply put your resources where they will create value for your brand.

What about advertising agencies?

insights happydemics

Adtech professionals also have access to the Insights feature and its strategic recommendations.

With customized campaign performance analytics and content, you can understand and replicate what made your most effective ads successful, identify areas for improvement, and compare your results to industry benchmarks.

How does Insights help my teams become more productive?

With Insights, Happydemics is profoundly transforming the way marketing teams collaborate.

We designed this tool to help you work faster and more efficiently. On average, you will save 50% of the time you spend on managing your brand performance projects.

You know how complex it can be to unite teams around shared goals that are monitored by everyone. This is especially true when they are large and/or international.

From now on, all your project stakeholders will work hand in hand, interacting and sharing in a single environment. You will make better, faster collective decisions.

If necessary, you can even consult with Happydemics experts directly in the platform, as you would with your colleagues.

Use the most complete tool on the market today. Work on average 50% faster on your brand performance projects while saving 80% compared to the costs of traditional solutions.

More than 1,000 international brands optimize their marketing investments with Happydemics. What about you?