bonnes raisons de proposer un brand lift à un client

3 reasons to consistently use a brand lift with your clients

How can you reach your business goals despite advertisers’ uncertainty about their media investment profitability? Whether you are an adtech professional, an advertising network or an agency, this is a challenge you face every day. This article explains how a brand lift allows you to balance your goals with your clients’ expectations.


How to explain brand lift to your clients?

A simple definition of brand lift

Running an advertising campaign allows you to change how consumers perceive and respond to a brand or a product.

Brand lift is simply the “before and after” vision of the impact generated by a campaign. This is measured using a combination of several key indicators selected according to the campaign’s goal: memorization, attribution, preference, purchase intention, in-store visit intention, etc.

How does it works?

A brand lift consists of surveying and comparing two population groups. With one group is exposed to an ad, while other is not.

The collected answers are used to understand to which extent the campaign has impacted consumers for each assessed metric.

Read our dedicated article to find out if your campaign’s brand lift is successful.

3 reasons why you should provide your clients with a brand lift

#1 - To reassure them on the impact of their media budget

💬 The challenge

The economic context compels clients to be more cautious in their advertising investments. They don’t want to communicate less – they want to communicate better by optimizing every dollar spent to achieve their marketing objectives.

The number of impressions, click-through rate, engagement rate… These standard metrics are no longer enough to convince advertisers of the success of their campaigns and the ROI of their hard-earned budgets.

As for the “walled garden” approach of advertising platforms and their metrics specifically built for their environment, it is no longer as appealing. Indeed, advertisers seeking greater transparency find it increasingly challenging to trust a business model where the player selling advertising space is also measuring the results.

✅ The solution

This new challenge for your advertisers is perfectly addressed by a brand lift.

The tangible metrics allow you to prove the real impact of their campaigns on their brand or product with their consumers directly. These results will allow your clients to demonstrate to their management the impact of each investment in achieving their objectives.

They also benefit from relevant insights to understand how to optimize their next investments, and therefore negotiate budgets more easily to replicate and improve the campaigns that work best.

In addition, a brand lift performed by a trusted third party will further reassure your clients. They know that your results are objectively measured, guaranteeing their reliability and eliminating bias.


#2 - To highlight your expertise against competitors

💬 The challenge

As you may know, your advertising clients are very focused on their position in the market. They want to be able to compare themselves to their competitors on everything they do, which of course includes the advertising campaigns you run with them.

Your customers are not the only ones who are facing competition. Advertisers rarely sign a first collaboration without comparing other alternatives.

Sometimes, you may even directly compete with other providers on the same campaign. The client then decides to continue collaborating on a long-term contract with the service provider(s) that stand out from the crowd. The success of the campaign is, of course, a prerequisite for this, but so is the trust relationship created by the high quality and transparency of the results provided.

✅ The solution

A brand lift helps you objectively demonstrate to your client the performance of their campaign. When it includes a benchmark, they can compare their results with similar campaigns across industries and media.

Thus, you can fully prove that your offer and your team’s expertise have enabled them to outperform market averages on the metrics that really matter for their objectives.

A brand lift provides results on the overall exposed population while providing a more accurate view of sub-targets, mainly on the core target of the campaign.

When you have to compete with several providers, these transparent and tangible results will help you stand out from the crowd.

By consistently using a brand lift, you benefit from a major competitive edge and a comprehensive track record of success. It’s perfect for attracting new leads more efficiently and streamlining sales negotiations.

#3 - To increase your average order value and promote upselling

💬 The challenge

Whether you’re an adtech professional, a publisher or an agency, you’re always looking for the most cost-effective ways to grow your business.

This means bringing in new customers, but more importantly, retaining the ones you already work with.

However, your teams do not always have enough time to work on this challenge. It’s understandable, as they are already very busy creating, launching and following up on the progress of your clients’ campaigns. And let’s not forget the analysis and results reporting steps, which are often the most time-consuming and demanding, especially when the most valuable data is unavailable or easily accessible.

✅ The solution

A brand lift is both a reassurance tool, a way to showcase your expertise, and an undeniable competitive edge. It provides more value and transparency to your clients.

The result? You build their trust and interest in your offer, encouraging them to invest more and collaborate over the long term.

Launching a brand lift is quick and easy. It usually takes just a few clicks, which means no extra work for your teams. Better yet, they save time because the tool takes care of the analysis phase. This valuable time can be reinvested in other tasks where their contribution is better used.

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