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How Leroy Merlin confirms that its advertising campaigns are successful

Happydemics supports Leroy Merlin in measuring the effectiveness of its advertising. You can find out more about our partnership from a chat with Romain Dubois, Performance Leader in the Communication Department.

What is your role at Leroy Merlin?

I support staff in measuring the performance and effectiveness of our activities. In particular, we carry out post-tests.

The department has around 30 staff members working on creation of communications aimed at our customers: TV and radio spots, digital ads etc.

Do you remember meeting Happydemics?

I met Happydemics for the first time in February 2022. We were put in touch after initial discussions between your staff and our media strategy manager.

What did Leroy Merlin want to achieve from our partnership?

I wanted to be able to assess the effectiveness of a digital campaign we had run on various websites and on social media, independent of media pressure.

For each campaign we actually already had a number of media indicators, allowing us to know our reach or cost per contact.

However, we did not have information on the effectiveness of the messages delivered, in terms of either form or content. The idea was to measure our communications performance across all media.

Tell us about a successful campaign

This was a 100% digital campaign focusing on kitchens.

The campaign was important for us as the articulation was new. We wanted to work with both our reputation and our consideration in this market.

The measurement and results of brand lift proved the effectiveness of the messages delivered: they were liked and understood, and had the capacity to create positive change in perception of our brand in the market for kitchens.

We identified significant positive differences between those who had been exposed and those who had not, in terms of concrete intentions. For example, we were able to assess our consideration at the time of purchase or installation.

The brand lift allowed us to validate the achievement of our communication objective. It also confirmed the effectiveness of a new communications approach for us: the combination of awareness and consideration

We have been reassured about our choices for this and subsequent campaigns and we are analyzing them in the same way with Happydemics.

What has our tool changed in your daily routine?

We now have easy and immediate access to our results. Implementation of brand lifts is much easier thanks to the platform.

It is also very helpful to be able to visualize the questionnaire in situ, in exactly the same way is it is seen by the web users who are exposed to it.

Finally, Happydemics allows us to work collaboratively, which is undeniably a plus for our team which has multiple points of contact.

What functionality is now essential for you?

It is clearly the ability to conduct post-tests based on real rather than probable exposure. Placing tags on our creatives enables us to retarget people who have actually been exposed to our ads.

“If I were to sum up our relationship in three words: simple, effective and professional”

romain dubois
Romain Dubois
Performance Leader Communication at Leroy Merlin

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