cas d'usage client Deezer interview de Nicolas Malard Head of Adsales France

How Deezer measures the impact of campaigns launched on its platform

Happydemics is delighted to support Deezer in measuring its advertising effectiveness. Find out more about our partnership through our chat with Nicolas Malard, Head of Brand Partnership & Ad sales France!

What is your role at Deezer?

I’m in charge of all monetization levers for the Free solution at Deezer. This comprises 3 elements:

First, media, with audio, video, display and more generally all the purchasing levers, which are mainly programmatic.

Then there is brand content and diversification. We create content devices for many brands through our dedicated production team. The creations can be in audio, video or podcast format.

Diversification is at the heart of our development. The latest example is the launch, in partnership with Citroën, of a limited edition Deezer Ami Tonic electric city car. This campaign includes a showcase with Black M and a platform with a podcast and an exclusive playlist by the artist.

As the “Home of Music”, Deezer speaks to all audiences and offers engaging features to its partners.

Finally, there is the cornerstone of Deezer premium code sales. This is both a rewarding device for brands and a way to promote employee well-being within companies.

All this is made possible due to a great group of 5 sales people who transmit our voice to the market.

Do you remember meeting Happydemics?

I met Happydemics in 2019 for our first Heineken campaign in collaboration with Starcom. I quickly got a very good feel for the teams’ expertise.

At the time, we had a technical challenge to successfully address our users in the app environment in audio format. Happydemics responded perfectly to this technical challenge, and I was able to see their expertise in action.

Afterwards, we presented a report to the entire marketing team at Heineken with Starcom. I saw experts talking to experts, and the review was very well received by the customer. Specific questions were asked, and the Happydemics teams provided accurate and coherent answers, making the link with our brand issues. It all worked very well.

For Deezer, what were the objectives of our partnership?

Our first objective was to find a reliable partner in terms of representativeness.

We also wanted them to be able to address our users in an app environment in audio format at a competitive cost. This was a technical challenge that few could meet at the time.

Finally, we wanted to have feedback on attribution, brand image and brand awareness.

What does our tool change in your daily routine?

Access to data is much faster, thanks to an intuitive platform. We particularly appreciate the ease with which it is possible to fill in the brief, simulate a questionnaire and access the report.

Our relationship with our customers has been strengthened by the quality insights we can provide to prove the effectiveness of their media campaigns.

Tell us about a campaign you are proud of?

The Local Artists campaign with Adobe springs to mind.

Due to the brand lift, we achieved several results that prove the success of the campaign:

Attribution was very good, with 68% of respondents recognizing Adobe versus 36% on average on the Happydemics benchmark of audio formats.

Interest in the campaign was found to be 1.3 times higher among those exposed to the ad, compared to those not exposed. That’s well above the benchmark, regardless of format (audio, video, static).

Purchase intent was significantly better among those exposed to this campaign: +28 points compared to unexposed on audio, +25 points on video and +33 points on static formats.

We were able to prove that this was a very effective campaign.

What feature would you not want to do without?

We use the interactive reports very frequently, which allow us to view our data in real time by socio-demographic groups.

“If I had to sum up our relationship in three words: expertise, trust and innovation.”

Nicolas Malard
Nicolas Malard
Head of Brand Partnership & Adsales at Deezer

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