Comment mesurer l'efficacité d'une publicité sur TV connectée ?

How to measure advertisement effectiveness on connected TV?

When we talk about measuring advertisement performance, we mainly think about web channels and traditional media. Yet, did you know that you can measure the effectiveness of your commercials which are broadcast on consumers’ connected TVs?


What is connected television?

Connected TV (CTV) is, pretty simply, a television with direct access to the internet.

Sometimes called a “smart TV”, it namely allows you to watch films or series via streaming platforms, or check out the latest updates from your friends on social media.

The connected TV channel has become a constant and permanent feature in French homes.

According to the CSA, 81% of homes with a TV now have a television with an internet connection and 56% of French consumers watch VOD (video on demand) content each week on their CTV.

What's the interest for advertisers?

The boom of connected television in homes has created new opportunities for advertisers.

For example, Renault is planning to direct more than 50% of its digital video investments in France to CTV in 2023.

The main advantage for your brand is the ability to target consumers with incredible precision through your advertising campaigns.

Traditional television offers fairly limited targeting variables: standard audience for a channel or program, broadcasting time, etc.

On the contrary, CTV offers impressive finesse when it comes to targeting, up their with other digital formats.

Despite the tightening of personal data protection and the progressive disappearance of cookies, you can still reach individuals with greater precision, using social-demographic criteria or even some online behavior criteria.

Broadcasting advertising campaigns and their messaging can be increasingly customized to improve consumers’ experiences with your brand.

Naturally, advertising budgets tend to be much higher than for traditional televised spots, and brands are now taking on the challenge of optimizing the return on investment for their campaigns.

It’s precisely with this challenge in mind that Happydemics is here to help.

Happydemics: The leading company for measuring the performance of commercials broadcast on connected TV in terms of real exposure

Happydemics has become an unmissable name when it comes to measuring advertising performance.

Our clients are already easily launching post-tests for all their campaigns on our online and offline channels: TV, online videos, display, radio, audio digital, posters/billboards, social media…

Our offer is now extending to cover the option of measuring the impact of a commercial broadcast on connect TV in terms of real exposure.

In other words, we’re giving you the ability to identically survey two groups of individuals with similar profiles. One will have had real exposure to your commercial via CTV, and the other won’t have been exposed.

This method means you can be sure that you’ll gain understanding of the real impact of your commercial for your brand by comparing results from two populations.

By incorporating CTV moving forwards, Happydemics is expanding its ability to measure the effectiveness of a consumer commercial across all advertising formats and broadcasting media.

For its initial brand lift measurement for a commercial on connected TV, Happydemics has worked with Rommatic, a trading desk based in the U.K. specializing in programmatic advertising and part of the Freethinking Group. Thanks to this partnership, Rommatic can use specific results from a trusted third party on the performance of its campaigns in order to provide better advice to its clients and hence deliver better support as a result.

Measurements are key elements for us. We're delighted to have the opportunity of partnering with Happydemics for this pilot phase, measuring the effectiveness of commercials on CTV. This media is growing at rapid rates in the U.K. market. Happydemics' insights and recommendations give us brilliant opportunities for collaboration with our clients' creative teams, allowing us to understand and optimize CTV broadcasting.
Amanda Robertson
Programmatic Manager at Rommatic

How is this measurement taken?

Alongside our DSP partners, we’ve developed a “cookie-less” pixel.

This technology is a change from the cookie, traditionally used to identify and target individuals online, and which is headed for technical extinction. 

It allows you to analyze brand lift on digital campaigns by targeting people with real exposure (or not) to specific advertising content via a device like a connected TV.

This pixel is based on the pairing of two complementary data elements to form the exposed pool:

👉 The device’s IP address
👉 The user agent (sourced from data from the terminal, the OS and the browsing system)

In the specific case of CTV, the pixel is based solely on the connected TV’s IP address.

This collection solution is 100% GDPR-compliant, making it both reliable and durable for brands.

More than ever before, brands are challenged by ensuring the return on investment of their initiatives, the ability to validate the impact of their communications in terms of brand awareness or intention is, quite simply, priceless. By becoming the leading company when it comes to measuring the performance of a campaign broadcast on CTV in real exposure, Happydemics can consolidate its position as a technological leader in media post-testing.
Tarek Ouagguini
CEO of Happydemics

Using benchmarks to compare advertising performances

When you take a brand lift measurement, you’ll first need to select the main key advertising performance indicators:

👉 Memorization
👉 Consideration
👉 Commercial perception
👉 Purchase intention
👉 …

This selection should be made to align with the specific challenges you’re tackling:

👉 Broadcast performance
👉 Message relevance
👉 Impact on commercial memorability

Once you’ve set up your dashboard, you’ll be able to analyze the performance of your campaigns in real time.

We’ll also be enabling you to take you measurements even further by providing 15 000 benchmarks.

They’ll enable you to position your performances in relation to other, similar commercials across a business sector or a specific media, such as CTV.

Do you want to measure you advertising performance on CTV?