7 types de clients pour qui le brand lift est indispensable

7 types of clients who can’t do without brand lift

Brand lift is the perfect tool for strengthening the advertiser/partner relationship. Its indicators are more specific than conventional metrics and easier to compare with other players in the market, enabling you to help your clients optimize their investments. We’ve already outlined the reasons for using brand lifts on a regular basis. Now let’s look at the client profiles for which brand lift delivers the most value.


#1 - Clients in a highly competitive market

💬 Their challenge

The more competitive the markets in which advertisers operate, the greater their need to stand out from the crowd. They seek to continuously measure and compare their performance against indicators consistent with their campaign objectives: branding, attention, drive-to-store, sales…

✅ Your solution

A brand lift provides your clients with results based on the indicators that truly matter when it comes to achieving their objectives: attribution, perception, purchase intent, drive-to-store intent…

These unified, market-standard indicators enable you to easily compare campaign performance with similar campaigns by objective, industry, budget and media spend.

#2 - Clients with high growth potential

💬 Their challenge

Some advertisers will occasionally commit large budgets to support a major event in their development: brand creation, expansion into a new region, or the launch of a new product… They need to carefully monitor this growth to make the right decisions.


This is why the best option is to make brand lift a standard feature of every campaign you run with your client.

This enables you to provide them with the most up-to-date insights on the impact of their campaigns on their consumers and their brand. They’ll get all the information they need, at the right time, to optimize their investments during this critical growth stage.

#3 - Clients aiming for B2C targets

💬 Their challenge

With B2C, the marketing funnel is much shorter, especially for mass-market products. Standard metrics (impressions, click-through or conversion rates…) are not enough to understand the impact of a campaign on consumers.


With a brand lift, you collect the opinions of people actually exposed to your client’s campaign. The indicators measured reflect the actual perception and intentions towards the brand or product being promoted.

#4 - Clients using your offer for the first time

💬 Their challenge

Advertisers are too often limited to reach or conversion indicators when measuring advertising performance, which lacks consistency with their campaign objectives. They also have less and less confidence in the walled-garden approach, where the platform selling them ad space is also the one assessing campaign performance, with indicators specific to their platform.

This need for transparency is a major driver for advertisers when selecting their partners, especially when working with them for the first time.


With a brand lift carried out by a trusted third party, you can ensure transparent, unbiased results for your customer. Its performance is measured using standardized, market-standard indicators, enabling you to objectively compare similar campaigns in terms of media, budget or industry, using benchmarks.

By providing your new clients with a brand lift, you can reassure them about the value of your partnership, which in turn fosters loyalty and upsell opportunities.

#5 - Clients advertising 2 to 3 times per year or more

💬 Their challenge

The more we advertise, the more complex it is to assess the individual performance of each message. An advertiser who sees a change in its sales or is testing new formats needs to know the full impact generated by each action on its consumers, in order to reproduce successes and optimize budgets.


For this type of advertiser, we recommend performing a brand lift for all campaigns. By comparing the results of each campaign, you’ll help them identify which elements (message, format, distribution, etc.) of their media plan are most effective in generating impact and achieving their objectives.

#6 - Clients running low-budget campaigns

💬 Their challenge

Some advertisers can’t afford to invest as much as the market leaders. Even if they advertise less frequently or on a smaller scale, they still have a strong interest in understanding the real impact of their messages, so as to optimize them efficiently.


Brand lift isn’t just for large-scale campaigns! By leveraging this tool for low-budget campaigns you can refine your expertise and provide all your clients with the same high-quality information. This will enable you to compare campaign performance against the market, so you can better optimize your investment.

#7 - Clients who assign several advertising agencies on the same campaign

💬 Their challenge

In this context, it is difficult for the client to assess the contribution of each trigger to the overall campaign objective. That’s why advertisers need fast, reliable results, so they can continuously adapt their distribution strategy.


Thanks to brand lift, your clients immediately understand the contribution of your activations to the campaign’s performance. This is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd with efficient, transparent communication on the value of your expertise. You strengthen your relationship with your customer for a longer-term partnership.

You now know which clients can benefit the most from a brand lift. After reading this article, you’ll realize that almost all your clients fall into one or more of these categories.

That’s the power of brand lift. This tool is the perfect answer to all your clients’ needs. It helps you remove most of the constraints on activating your offer to increase your average order and encourage upselling.

Making brand lift a standard feature for all your campaigns will enable you to provide the same quality of expertise to all your clients, whatever their size. By using standardized metrics, you’ll have access to a reference benchmark to efficiently compare your performance and generate more business.

Launch your Brand lifts with the market leader!